Différents sujets de thèses co-financés par la DGA

Dans le cadre de la campagne 2014  des thèses co-financées par la DGA, le Laboratoire Xlim (EXPERTISE: Electronics and Microwaves, Optics and Photonics, CAD, Mathematics, Computer Sciences and Image Processing - APPLICATION FIELDS: Telecommunications Networks, Aerospace, Bioengineering, Smart Materials and Energy) a obtenu des financements pour les sujets suivants:

Management of the thermal effects for the power scaling of fiber laser systems based on all-solid Large Pitch Fibers operating at 2µm.
- Anomaly detection on hyperspectral images on graphs
- Propagation control of ns pulses in multimodal fiber amplifier
- New methods of Raman spectroscopy for biological agent analysis
Perovskite photovoltaic sensors / photodetectors for printable micro-sources, self-powered sensor network and / or positioning devices
- Carbon nanostructures based high frequency interconnections